IROS 2018 presentation

Highlights of the past IROS 2018 and my experience presenting a full paper in 3 minutes.

TAROS 2018 presentation

Some pics of the past TAROS 2018 held in Bristol and my full paper presentation.

An Augmented Cognition approach in prediction of human behaviour for control in applications in HRI

During my holidays in Colombia, I was fortunate enough to be invited and give a talk in my alma mater, Universidad Nacional de Colombia ❤️. Official poster It was a shortened version of a previous talk I had for the DC Seminar in University of Bristol. I was lucky enough to get a full room of students and lecturers to share some ideas about HRI and its importance for the future of autonomous vehicles.

TAROS 2017 poster paper presentation

Small comments behind the past TAROS 2017, my poster paper and presentation and it’s main topic.

Driving Simulator Experiments

An experiment designed to measure data from test subjects whilst driving, explanations and most importantly, the results.